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Art has been expressed using many different mediums over the centuries, but none is more delicate than that of the eggshell.

Because of the variations of color and texture inherent in the emu egg itself, each carved egg will be unique and make a distinctive addition to any decor or collection. If you are looking for a "different" housewarming gift, birthday present or other special occasion gift, look no further than your own photo album and the work of Gary Gunn.

Browse the Carved Egg Gallery to some of the unique Caevings created by Mr. Gunn.

Mr. Gunn ha "Retired" from carving eggs, his work is still displayed on this site.
Note his work with Brown Chicken Eggs
Carved Eggs
Gary Gunn

Everyone marvels at a square egg, but only the chicken understands the pain.
Vinny Porcaro 1997
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